Calli Camela

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On 5th of May 2010 was born 5 puppies to Bara (Citela) and Buddy (Duncan) and one of them was also Calli-Camela Bien Amis. The girl which we decided to take. Kamila, how we started to call her, was the third member of our dog "group" and she perfectly fitted into our dog team. Buddy and Bara could not be jealous to her but she did not come as a "new intruder" there were get used to her from the beginning. Little Kamila was very lively puppy, as every Wheaten after all, very beautiful and all the time she has on right side responsible mum Bara and on the left side watchful father Buddy. As she was the youngest she was pamper by us and also by mum and dad. Anyway, after that we teached her good behaviours and manners. Thanks to her very good character she passed canistheraphy exams on 2012 and she became Buddy's partner during visits of houses of elderies and handicaped people. Also thanks to her temperament she know lots of very funny things as dancing and taking quite everything what fall to the floor (e.g. glasses, gloves, keys etc.) and she obediently give it to us.

Kamila is same as Bara and Buddy our big lover, she loves people and also dogs, in view of the fact that she grow up with our cat Vitek, she loves cats. She became an inseparable part of our family and from summer 2012 also proud mother because of he 8 wonderful puppies.