Canistherapy - therapy with dog

CANISTHERAPY - czech term for therapy with dog

Canistherapy is not „ another branch of kynology !!“

Canistherapy (CT) is one of physiotherapy metod. This way is instrumental to support psychosocial heath of every people in every age using the relation between man and dog.

Dog is an excellent partner as well as disciplin for client. CT helps to evolve soft and hard motorika, understimates verbal and non-verbal communication and supports orientation in area. CT also improves interaction among clients, attendats, paretns etc. CT can be usable for concentration training, attention elevation, social sentiment development, improving quality of life and in some cases aggressiveness reduction of client.

We can hand out CT to 4 basic groups:

AAA – (Animal Assisted Activities – social activity) real contact men with dog is oriented to improve quality of client life and also oriented to natural development of social skills. E.g. visits in Homes for elderly, Children’s home.

AAT - (Animal Assisted Therapy – therapy) targeted contact of men and dog oriented to improvement of client’s mental and physical state. E.g. therapy with persons with physical, mental or multiple disabilities.

AAE – (Animal Assisted Education – training/education using animals) teachers use a positive impact of dogs to pupils with special needs.

AACR – (Animal Assisted Crisis Response – crisis intervention using animals) qualified and experienced canistherapists help to breakdown stress in disaster victims, rescuers.

What dog is suitable for CT?

There is no precise definition of CT dog . CT may perform every dog breed and also crossbreeds. Size and appearance are not important. Dog should be friendly, well-balanced, inoffensive, willing in contact with people. Dog should be manageable to its master and other people.

Dog who will perform this task must first pass examination by a specific test procedure. Tests of individua companies involved in CT are sometimes diferrent but not too much becuase all have the same objective.

Canistherapy tests :

Purpose of CT exams is not extend the range of medals for breeding dogs but prepare volunteers and their dogs to help people who need it.

The tests are monitoring how the dog response to its owner, if he works with love and joy becuase only in this way he can continue to follow love.

  • positron dog to other dog and strange people
  • response to odour
  • basic dog obedience
  • relationship between dog and his handler
  • excitability of dog
  • stay calm in some situations
  • meeting with judge
  • response on offering snack
  • reaction to unexpected noise
  • bearing dog
  • crowd of people
  • response to a wheelchair

Photos from Canistherapy tests

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