Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

A long time before its knowledgement in Ireland was honoured, the wheaten terrier with coated coat was affected by painters. This breed is very old. Deeply wedded with irish terrier and kerry blue terrier. Its nearest relative is glen of imaal terrier, only one short-leg breed among terriers from Ireland.

The individual tipe of Wheaten has arisen at farms in westen Irealand. These dogs were used for watch over the objects, for catching mice and another gnawers at houses or farms. So, it is true to say we know about this breed for 200 years.

Specialized breed club which is deeply wedded with organized breed was arosed in Ireland quite late. The breed inceptioned in Dublin 1937, at St. Patric name day. From primativ working dog became pretty and fashionable dog.

Used quotes: (Teriéři - I.Stuchlý, M.Císařovský)