Life with Wheaten

Life with Wheaten

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (abbreviated Wheaten) originated in Ireland as a farm dog aiming to a comprehensive use. Today it is a universal family dog adapted to life in the town as well as in countryside, can live in an apartment or a family house. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrie is little numerous but very popuar breed. Some of popural reasons are wonderful temperament, charisma, beautiful wheat color and silky coat that does not moult.

Wheaten has lot of pluses but also negatives

Getting a dog is a lot of extra work and responsibilities. Wheaten is heavily focused on human society. Therefore is not suitable for every family. You need to be absolutely sure wholeheartedly that this is the right breed for you and your family. If not, but nevertheless you take Wheaten, you and your dog will not be happy.

  • Taking care about the dog may take 10 – 15 years
  • It needs time and patience to educate from the first day of puppy’s arrival
  • Be prepared that you will take care of coat regularly to avoid muffled. Combing, trimming. If the hair is regularly maintained Wheaten has a beautiful silky hair that falls in soft waves. On the shimmering light up. Unkempt hair is dull, matted and can rise to skin problems. Since dog is puppy it it necessary to comp hair daily. Puppis are not going to take it at first, but after a while you get used to and it the future will be easier to care. Coat matures in about two years. Here is just hair care 2 to 3 times a week.
  • If you are a neat „freak“ – wheaten not be for you. Dirt trapped in the hair fatched from walking (snow, twigs, leaves) spreads throughout the house. After eating and drinking can wipe your whiskers on the sofa.
  • They bark when they see or hear anything suspicious.
  • Terriers love to raking. Wheaten is no exeption, so be prepared for a possibility of some holes in the garden, vegetable beds.
  • Always, when you come home or some visite will come, your dog can bark but definitely will jump for a joy and otherwise play as if you were not at home several years. Not everyone likes it.
  • If you are looking for a dog that will immediately respond to your every command, then Wheaten is not for you. If you want a dog that will lie undisturbed in the nest and wait for your command, then also Wheaten is not for you. Wheaten can be stubborn. Rather, it will do that you can not hear until you move your bag of goodies. Then he runns as a shot.
  • You have to get used to go on vacation with your dog, or ensure adequate „dogsitting“ to not let him suffer and will not cry and be sad because you will not be present.
  • You cannot let Wheaten too long alone. He starts to get bored and bother the expectaios of your return. After a time can also be a destructive (something destroys). Wheatens are happiest when they can share family life to the fulles and know everything you do.
  • They are brave and iquisitive. It is good to have great fencing of garden to ensure safety. It is on the trail of something interesting can also burrow.
  • Be prepared for the costs of vet. Fees for the dog. Feeds and treats. Dog cosmetics. Securing the dog in the car.
  • If you have a children you have to supervize when playing with the dog as with other breeds. no matter whether it is puppy or adult dog.
  • Remember – wheaten lives with his human family it the house and not alone out there!!!
  • Wheatens are less superficial than other terriers. It is a companion dog and may be too enthusiastic when meeting other dogs. Caution is warranted and early socialization with other friendly dogs to avoid bad experiences. (bite)
  • Very loves frolicking in the snow, swimming in the pond, but hates walking in the rain.
  • Holds up well with other pets (rabbits, cats, parrots, ..). Still chasing small furry creatures – mice, hedgehogs, squirrels and foreign cats.
  • It is necessary to devote at least 30 minutes a day activity – walking, games, exercises, dog sports that you enjoy together. Your wheaten be healthy and happy.
  • The exercise must be startes as soon as possible. Puppy daycare and then the basics of obedience. Exercises performed in short bursts punctuated game. Wheaten is a lively, alert dog and a fast learner. However, thanks to terriers’independent nature can be sometimes stubborn. For success in training is necessary to be firm and consistent, but never be hard (harsh)!! Use positive rewards such as praise, games,. If the comand is necessary that you have to execute the command insisted. Many breeders like agility, coursing, flyball, dog dancing, obedience, tracking and some individuals therapy with dog (dog therapy). They do love hiking through woods and mountains.
  • Train dog with love and respect, and you will have the most amazing boyfriend.
  • Wheaten is a good guard
  • Does not like high heat. Keep your dog in house in hot days.
  • Character is happy, cheerful, balanced and confident
  • He needs as each dog early socialization. From puppy to recognize different people, animals, sounds, gathering experience. Early socialization helps ensure that your puppy has grown for a good dog.

Male or famale

It is said that female is easy for education in compare with dog. This may be true in other breeds but in Wheatens is not. Boths sexes are amazingly lovig companions. It depends on your personal prefereces. Some females may be dominant over passive dog. A dog can be cuddly and affectionate.
The dog may have great charisma regardless of his temperament. Females have roughly after six months their problems. It is necessary to realize it while staying in the house, and also to prevet accidetal dog cover.

It is a myth that girl need at least one litter for life.

Owners of females with such a mentality are not realizing that for every litter (even single) should e approached responsibly and with commitments for future years. Registered breeders try to breed in each litter to find suitable partners based on the study of pedigrees and medical examinations. The aim is to ensure the health and temperament of the breed. At the same time farmers bear some responsibility for the puppies in the next 10 to 15 years.

Do not buy a puppy from a breeder or irresponsible breeder.

It is possible that cheap puppy was bred cheaply. If the puppy is without pedigree – his parents were exluded from breeding from some serious reasons. Do not believe the vendors that litter from parnts with pedigree was redundant, and some puppies have pedigree, and that your puppy does not have it already. Pedigree puppy get all births regardless of the number. It is possible that girl early will be covered again and again and eventually the owner will get rid of her in the future. Please do not support the increase of puppies without pedigree. If you want to buy a puppy at low or only symbolic price, take another breed or from the shelter dogs.

Get Wheaten puppy is sometimes not easy. You have to travel for a puppy. Sometimes you have to wait for puppy several months. Some breeders are investigating what kind of family puppy will go and conditions sets out in the Contract. When you buying puppy, contact registred kennel. The puppy will cost you more but you will get satisfied and happy puppy that has been properly kept with love and care.

Motto of our kennel Bien Amis:

„ We love our amazing dogs becuase they give us so much more than we were expected from them.“