Why Wheaten?

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I do not remember very well when my mum corretly began to dream about Wheaten. But it was surelly a long time. He spent a long time above the Big book about dogs which was written by David Taylor. She was observing with dreamy eyes beautifull dog with lively expression in eyes and with nice and not moult coat. I liked it too. We began to search what he at all is. When we were considering every pro and neg of every dogs and, finaly, Wheaten was the winner. He was satisfy every our conditions but mainly mums' dreams. It was out-of-the-way, we saw him in book only and he quickly write down to our hearts. We had to have him! In terms of the advertisiment we contacted kenner Momart, Mrs. Martina Moudrova. It was inner immediately from the beginning. Waiting for an April 2002 had run off quickly. On April mum went to Vrbno pod Pradedem. I stood at home and I did not live to see our new dog. When suddenly the door was opened and something small tottered in the middle of the kitchen ... yes, it was Barunka how we began to call her instead of Citela. She began to jump all around the flat and we knew that it was the best thing we could do. We knew that our new friend who is meanwhile tottering at our kitchen, will be our best friend.

I forgot to tell that before we came of Barunka we had a dog. Schnauzer Tyna. We were worry that girls will be not get on well together but everything was good. Weeks has run from the first contact and Bara became to be beautiful dog. After years Bara became to be irrecoverable member of our family. We are happy when we come home and already near the door our dog salute us with wiggly tail. Wheatens do love plaing games too, so we usually go for a walk to the wood or field where Bara can relax and we come in other better romance.

Beata jr.

Our Bara left us to dogs' sky when she was almost 14 years in autum last year. She gave us lots of love and she spent with us beautiful life.