Our Duncan le Beau

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Our 80 years old ill grandmother moved in our house in 2005. In this year she passed many demanding operations. She got a problem with walking, with heart and also her psyche was not so good. Our girl Bara (Citela) maybe felt out that grandmum needs a help and Bara started to be her best companion. When Bara come over from walk or after food she quickly run to her room. During the day they are still together when we are at work. They are together in the garden and they sleep in one bed. After 2 years the health of grandmum has came better, of course thanks to doctors but we think that it is also thanks to Bara.

In this time my mum came with an idea – attend to Canistherapy – therapy with a dog (CT). We were thinking to buy another Wheaten. „Should it be boy or girl?“ we thought. By Mrs. Pavlina Bradacova from Prostejov and Mrs. Leona Barthel from Germany my mum toke a Duncan (Buddy) from german kennel Vom Galgenberg. Mrs. Petra Staut – the breeder had a „lucky hand“ when she choose a puppy for us. We started to call him Buddy. From first day he had perfect character and he stays like this till now. My mum started to be a member of Canistherapy association called Aura Canis (you can see more in our links)in 2008. So my mum works with Buddy under the sponsorship of Aura Canis. She passed theoretical and practical exams from canistherapy in 2009. Buddy passed the exams at Canistherapy Association of South Moravia in Brno over the same period. HE PASSED THE EXAMS FOR 100% AND HE GOT SOME MORE POINTS BECAUSE HE WAS VERY AVAILABLE. HE OFFFICIALY BECAME A FIRST WHEATEN IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC WHO PASSES SUCCESSFULY QUALITY TESTS FROM EXAMS OF THERAPY WITH DOG. In this time he has already done his first practical preem - work with seniors, in hospital, with involved children, etc. Presently she visits with Buddy the Institution for physically handicapped men.

From 2009 Buddy is able to mate. In front of us was a big decision - will we go to dog shows or will be attend to canistherapy. My mum does the canistherapy with her free time at the weekends, the dog shows are in the same time, so we decided that dog shows are not that important as therapy is.

You know what, prices, caps or tituls are nice but when you can see the satisfaction in eyes of someone who is bed-rid it is more then everything!!

Beata jr.