James Bond

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In 2022, we decided to keep a puppy for canistherapy, as a replacement for Buddy, who was very popular among clients. We chose a puppy named James Bond.

From a young age, he showed exceptional character. During the first vaccination of all the puppies, he was the only one who crawled under a cabinet, from which he could not get out. Dismantling the entire office seemed necessary. Fortunately, it was enough to dismantle one side wall and pull the puppy out. According to the veterinarian, no puppy had managed to do this before.

While studying the origin of the name James, we found that it originates from the Hebrew name Jahagóbh – in Czech, Jakub.

We began to call the puppy Kuba. The name is also popular with clients, whom we have been visiting with little Kuba for canistraphy since he was two months old.

We are delighted that Kuba's sister in the Netherlands also visits people with autism spectrum disorders with her owners.

We have decided that Kuba will not be a breeding dog, but we will only engage in canistherapy with him.